Follow ATC or TCAS?

Dear readers,

“Follow ATC or TCAS?”

Pertanyaan umum yang sering ditanyakan oleh para simmer selama ini.

Pembahasan menarik mengingat telah ada beberapa kejadian (near miss or even accident) terkait dengan permasalahan di atas.










TCAS is the safety net. If it generates a resolution advisory, that indicates that the air traffic control system has failed, (or there has been a level bust) and therefore it is common sense, and SOP to promptly obey the RA regardless of what ATC has instructed. As soon as time permits, the crew should communicate that fact to ATC, using the phraseology “…TCAS climb/descent”.

Dikutip dari NZ MATS :

38.2 Traffic Advisory (TA)

If a pilot reports a TA the controoller shall advise the pilot of any measures that are already in place to ensure separation, if required, or reiterate the traffic information. If separation or traffic information has not been provided, the controller shall take immediate action to provide such.

38.3 Resolution Advisory (RA)

After being informed that an aircraft is responding to an RA, the controller shall pass essential traffic information or traffic information (as applicable) to the aircraft reporting the RA and to all other aircraft that may be affected by the manoeuvre. Control instructions shall not be issued to the aircraft responding to an RA or to any other aircraft involved with the RA event as this may interfere with the resolution action planned by the ACAS.

Once an aircraft has begun a manoeuvre in response to an RA, the controller is not responsible for providing separation between the aircraft that is responding to an RA and any other aircraft, airspace, terrain or obstructions.

For me? i believe this is inline with the applicable ICAO standard/recommendation.

Happy flying!

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