Fuel Consumption Data

Taxi Fuel :

  1.  Taxi fuel must not be less than the amount.
  2. Expected to be used prior to take-off taking into account the local conditions of the depature aerodrome,
  3. APU consumptions and operation of ice protection system if applicable.

Trip Fuel :

Trip Fuel meliputi bahan bakar yang akan digunakan antara lain untuk :

  1. Take-off and climb from aerodrome elevation to initial cruising level, considering the expected depature route.
  2. Cruise from top of climb (TOC) to top of descent (TOD), including any steep climb or descent.
  3. From top of descent to the initial approach point, taking into account the expected arrival route and procedure.
  4. Approach and landing at destination.

Contingency Fuel :

With the coningency fuel the following factors shall be compensated:

  1. Deviations of an individual aeroplane from the expected fuel consumption data.
  2. Deviations from forcast meteorological conditions,and
  3. Deviations from planned routings and or cruising levels.

Contingensi fuel adalah 5% dari Trip Fuel.

  • Can be reduced to 3% if there is a suitable En route Alternate Airport.
  • Can be a specific quantity meaning that the airline has some statistics datas
  • Can be a quantity equal to 20 minutes of the burn fuel for this flight.
  • The airline must have a plan to follow fuel consumption for each aircraft every day.

Alternate fuel :

The alternate fuel must be sufficient:

  1. For missed approach from MDA at the destination to missed approach altitude- taking into account the complete missed approach  procedure.
  2. For a climb from missed approach altitude to cruising level.
  3. For the cruise from TOC to TOD.
  4. For descent from TOD to the point where the approach is initiated.
  5. For approach and landing at the destination alternate.

If two destinations alternate are required, altenate fuel shall be sufficient to proceed to the alternate wich requires the greater amount of alternate fuel.

Final Reserve Fuel (Holding Fuel) :

  1. For Turbo-prop and jet aeroplanes a final reserve fuel shall be calculated to fly for -30 minutes
  2. with holding speed at 1500 ft AAL and ISA, calculated with the estimated landing mass on arrival
  3. at the alternate or the destination, when no altenate is requierd.

Additional fuel :

  1. Required for specific operations such as ETOPS, depressurization (driftdown) if needed.
  2. Flights without an alternate (less than 6h, VMC conditions forecast, and two separate runways) = 15 minutes of supplementary fuel.

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